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Visual Effects

When it comes to visual effects, we have been creating small to big VFX shots and scenes in both movies and tv series, now web series too. Our team is comprised of professional experienced in simulations, motion graphics, lighting and compositing. We also work in semi modular way which means a lot of passes, masks, camera information and projection. We have been involved in Bollywood movies, web series, cartoon series. Our 

Game Art

We are providing game art services for over a decade now, initially it was focused on mobile games and other real time game engine related content. VFX for games, model, textures, Shaders and Technical Art is what we are good at. Unity and Unreal engines are our go to tools when it comes to game ready assets and integration. Our experts are also trained and have worked on custom game engines. From Concept art to Assets integration, we cover all. Scalability in game assets creation is our another strong hand.

Digital Content and AR/VR

There are plenty of products utilizing custom or different kind of data and data sets such as content for AR and VR. Digital content for automation, simulations for trainings, defense and tactical training. We have experienced working in content for multiple 3D and Hologram projection. WEB AR and WEBGL. Our recent contributions were in Border security training, previous Dubai Expo. Arch viz applications, industrial training solutions are just a few to name.

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